Monday, July 4, 2011

More on the E-Type Growler

    Car builders: want to sell ANY of your £670k hypercars? Don't name it after ladybits.
    Design company Vizualtech didn't get the memo. It named its E-Type concept the Growler. Yep. GROWLER.
    You'll know this already if you watched the show on Sunday. You'll also know that Jeremy, James and Richard found it rightly hilarious.
    So, for the Growler-curious we're going to tell you a bit more about the car. With AN ENTIRELY STRAIGHT FACE.
    Underneath, it's largely Jaguar XKR mechanicals with a composite body that's glued to a carbon fibre chassis. Two tubular frames are bolted at the front and rear which hold the steering, transmission, suspension and engine.
    Powering the Growler is a remapped version of Jag's supercharged 5.0-litre V8 producing 600bhp. It's expected to weigh around 1,550kg and should hit 62mph in under four seconds.

    Each car will be formed by hand and is expected to take six months to assemble. Vizualtech says no more than four Growlers will be worked on simultaneously to ensure each body is as close to the renderings of its Swedish designer, Bo Zolland.

    Jeremy Clarkson: "It looks spectacularly good."

    Richard Hammond: "We googled Growler and were... quite surprised."

    James May: "Why would you name your car after that?"
    Jeremy Clarkson: "Gott in himmel - ve have accidentally named the car after a frau garten."

    Jeremy Clarkson: "You can't get in the back of a Growler."

    Jeremy Clarkson: "There'll presumably be a trimmed-down version later..."

    Jeremy Clarkson: "...just for the Brazilian market"

    James May: "I'm just going outside to wax the Growler."

    James May: "I'm not sure I really like it..."

    Jeremy Clarkson: "That's because you're odd."

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More on the E-Type Growler

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